Buddhist Centers: Poland

Bartołty Wielkie Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Buddhist Centre in Bartołty was founded in 1997 on behalf of Lama Ole Nydahl. The main building was built in 2007-2010 thanks to the generosity and joint effort of Sangha friends. Several times a year there are meditation… more

Bialystok Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Bialystok Diamond Way Buddhist Center was established in 2003. Currently it is located in the heart of the City. The main activities of the Sangha include regular meditation on the 16th Karmapa, the basic Ngöndro practice and the… more

Bielsko-Biala Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

The Bielsko-Biala Diamond Way Buddhist Center was founded in 1985. After changing location, the center is now in the residential area of the city in a very quiet and calm location. The sangha meditates often together. Lama Ole Nydahl has… more

Bydgoszcz Diamond Way Buddhist Center

First established as a meditation group in 1998, it became the Bydgoszcz Diamond Way Centre in 2002. We’ve recently moved to a bigger and much more beautiful place, which is located in one of the most picturesque parts of… more

Bytom Diamond Way Buddhist Center

A Diamond Way meditation group had been meeting for almost 25 years before the opportunity arose to buy a building to use for a center. Thanks to the generous donations of fellow practitioners, the Bytom Diamond Way Buddhist Center… more

Chotkowo Diamond Way Buddhist Retreat Center

Chotkowo is located in the central part of northern Poland in the picturesque area of ​​Kaszuby. The Chotkowo Diamond Way Buddhist Retreat Center is the youngest center in Poland and currently we are planning further construction of this beautiful place. We… more

Cieszyn Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Cieszyn Diamond Way Buddhist Centre was founded in 2015. It is located on Głęboka Street, close to the historical centre of the town. Our sangha meditates together regularly on the 16th Karmapa & Ngöndro; we organize lectures and… more

Elblag Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

Początki Buddyjskiego Ośrodka Medytacyjnego Diamentowej Drogi linii Karma Kagyu w Elblągu sięgają roku 1994. Jako jeden z 60 zrzeszonych ośrodków i grup medytacyjnych działających w całej Polsce został on założony przez Lamę Ole Nydahla i znajduje się pod duchową… more