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Buddhist Centers: Slovakia

Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, has spiritual responsibility for more than 900 Buddhist centers, monasteries, nunneries, and institutions around the world. The centers listed here maintain an active profile on karmapa.org. You can search for a center near you by country, city, or center name.

If you do not find the center you are looking for, you may also consult the address list of centers at kagyu.net.
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Bratislava Diamond Way Buddhist Center

Bratislava's center was founded in 1998. Nowadays it has about 150 members. It's the largest one out of the 13 centers and groups of Diamond Way Buddhism in Slovakia. On the center’s busiest weekday up to 50 people come… more

Košice Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Košice Diamond Way Buddhist Centre was founded in 1996 after the first visit and public lecture of Lama Ole Nydhal in Košice. The center's gompa (meditation room) was blessed by him during his 2nd visit in Košice in… more

Mangútovo Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Buddhist retreat center Mangútovo shares its name with the village in which it is situated. Mangútovo is a small habitation of the town Hriňová, just a few kilometers from Detva. It lies at an altitude of 800 meters… more

Martin Diamond Way Buddhist Center

We are a small meditation group in the city of Martin in Slovakia. Every Wednesday at 19:15 we do a public meditation on the 16th Karmapa. Everyone is welcome. People can get information and also buy or rent literature… more

Piešťany Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Piešťany Diamond Way Buddhist Center was started in 1996 according to the wishes of Lama Ole Nydahl. Our activities are regular meditation, public lectures, and helping with dharma activities in Slovakia. more

Žilina Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Žilina Diamond Way Buddhist Center is the second biggest in Slovakia. A stable meditation group appeared in Žilina in 1998. We meditate together 4 times a week, organize meditation courses and lectures with Diamond Way teachers and travel to… more