Buddhist Centers: Hungary

Becske Diamond Way Retreat Center

Becske plays an important role in Diamond Way Buddhism in Hungary: it is a national retreat centre and it hosts international Buddhist courses. The Diamond Way Buddhist Community purchased a part of the land in 1997. The ongoing activity… more

Hungarian Karma-Kagyüpa Buddhist Community

The Hungarian Karma-Kagyüpa Buddhist Community comprises the practitioners of the living tradition of the Inner Path. The thousand-year-old Tibetan Karma-Kagyüpa tradition has preserved the blessing and teachings of the Inner Path in an unbroken lineage of spiritual ancestors, from… more

Szekesfehervar Diamond Way Buddhist Center

Szekesfehervar is a city in the Central Transdanubia region which has a great history. Lama Ole Nydahl founded the center in 1995. The center moved several times and today we use an office for practicing meditation. We organize lectures for travelling… more

Veszprém Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Veszprém Diamond Way Buddhist Centre was founded in 1991 on behalf of Lama Ole Nydahl and Hannah Nydahl. Lama Ole has visited the center many times in the past years. This is the second center in Hungary that… more