Karmapa’s message for Je Khenpo of Bhutan

April 27, 2021

On the occasion of the 25 year anniversary of the appointment of Khentrul Jigme Chhoeda as His Holiness 70th Je Khenpo of Bhutan, Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, shares the following message:

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Transcript in English:


His Holiness Je Khenpo of Bhutan, Khentrul Jigme Chhoeda

Your Holiness,

Unaccomplished in the art of literary composition
My words are neither eloquent nor perfect;
Even so, they lend voice to my admiration for the Sages of all times
And sound the cymbals of celebration in Your honour.

As petals of learning and reflection unfold
Fertile pistils of meditation are revealed;
Your mind suffused with the nectar of the Supreme Path
And magical clouds of Your wondrous life-examples
Both demonstrating the truth of Liberation
And illuminating the skies of innumerable universes.

Thus I set forth these verses in celebration of
Twenty-five years of Your Dharma reign in the land of Bhutan
With words of joy and delight like swirling waves of the ocean
Stirring from the depths of my mind.

Throughout aeons, You have accomplished merit and wisdom
With actions as numerous as the atoms of the gemstones that make up Mount Meru
Thus, the formidable Form-Kayas, awe-inspiring and steadfast,
Have truly come to pass.

Your presence appears spontaneously wherever Your guidance is needed
Your unceasing activities are like the trajectories of the sun and the moon in the sky
Free of all kleshas, afflictive or obscuring
The mandala of Your wisdom-vision continuously expands.

Your discerning knowledge is a display of insight
Like the vastness of the sky it is profound and free of fault
Your infinite kindness and compassion rain upon all sentient beings
Bestowing happiness and the good for all
Your adamantine strength, powerful like Indra’s thunderbolt,
Crushes the mountain of worldly and erroneous views.

You, ruler of the Kingdom of the Four Kayas
Supreme Holder of the wisdom of the Enlightened Ones throughout all times
No beings are left untouched by Your harmonious deeds
Your inconceivable example, a true illustration of Liberation,
Mirrors the sacred deeds of the Enlightened Ones
And inspires sheer joy and delight in me.

In this world, the passage of existence that is filled with the searing heat of fear and suffering,
I find solace in the cooling compassion of the Three Jewels
I’ve placed my faith in the supreme Enlightenment
Thus, content and at ease, I will engage in deeds that accord with the Dharma of Buddha.

The aim of my altruistic aspirations
Bright as the face of the full moon
Is to let their cooling rays reach out to all sentient beings
In as many ways as it is possible.

May Your actions continue what the Victorious Ones have accomplished
I request You, for all future time, to continue to voice the gentle and harmonious teachings of Buddha-Dharma
Just as the celestial drums in the land of devas
Spontaneously issue forth instructions of the Dharma.

Your learning, contemplation and meditation are as vast as the forests
Adorned with the pure blossoms of Your path to Liberation
And the fruits of Your efforts to benefit all
May Your life-span be steadfast and firm
Like the timeless wish-granting tree.

Soon, may master and disciples come together and meet
In the splendid forested Land of Lho-Jong
For the joyful occasion of discoursing the sacred Buddha-Dharma.

The song-like words of this letter
Echoing the delightful tunes of Sarasvati
Will be conveyed to You, ever youthful Bodhisattva
By the graceful wings of the trumpeter swan.

Yours respectfully

Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje
The Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, New Delhi
27 April 2021