Karmapa gives empowerments in Karma Guen and Benalmadena

July 7, 2024

Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, arrived in the Diamond Way retreat centre of Karma Guen in southern Spain in the evening of the 18th of June, 2024, and despite the late hour was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of devotees.

Over the next few days, Karmapa granted the empowerments of Mahakala Bernagchen, the main Dharma protector of the Karma Kagyu lineage, and Avalokiteshvara (Tib. Chenresig), the wisdom aspect embodying the enlightened compassion of all Buddhas, to a large gathering of practitioners in the big Gompa of Karma Guen.

During his stay in southern Spain, Karmapa also gave several Dharma talks, and led extensive question-and-answer sessions with the participants, helping them deepen their understanding of the Buddha Dharma.

On the 23rd of June Karmapa travelled from Karma Guen to Benalmádena, to transmit the empowerment of Amitabha, Lord of the Pure Land of Dewachen, at the Enlightenment Stupa. A large crowd of practitioners was gathered around the stupa to listen to Karmapa’s extensive explanations and receive the blessing-empowerment of the Buddha of Limitless Light.

Karmapa also had several private meetings with Lama Ole and his close team, and met with representatives of various project groups and boards.

As a special surprise, he joined a session of the Guru Yoga on the 16th Karmapa on the 26th of June, the first day after the end of the public programme. Before the session, he once again gave the assembled practitioners ample opportunity to ask him questions related to their practice of the Buddha Dharma.

Karmapa departed Karma Guen on the 28th of June for the next stop on this year’s summer tour, Dhagpo Kundrol Ling in Auvergne, France.