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Buddhist Centers

Hohwacht e.V. Diamond Way Buddhist Retreat Center

The retreat center was founded in summer 2001. Lama Ole Nydahl gave the name "place of ultimate meaning" (Karma Ngedön Ling) and his blessing and Mipham Rinpoche and his wife came here for one day. This place is just… more

Hungarian Karma-Kagyüpa Buddhist Community

The Hungarian Karma-Kagyüpa Buddhist Community comprises the practitioners of the living tradition of the Inner Path. The thousand-year-old Tibetan Karma-Kagyüpa tradition has preserved the blessing and teachings of the Inner Path in an unbroken lineage of spiritual ancestors, from… more

Ingolstadt Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Ingolstadt Diamond Way Buddhist Centre is one of over 600 Diamond Way Buddhist centres of the Karma Kagyu lineage worldwide. It was started in 2008 on behalf of Lama Ole Nydahl and is today under the patronage of Thaye Dorje,… more

Izhevsk Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The center was founded in 2004. In 2011, Lama Ole Nydahl visited our center as part of his annual Winter Tour through Russia. The Izhevsk center hosts public lectures with Diamond Way Buddhist teachers, and shows Buddhist traveling exhibitions and… more

Jena Diamond Way Buddhist Group

The Group in Jena belongs to the non-profit organization of Diamond Way Centers in Germany. It was founded in 1999. Our Center rooms in Sophienstraße were inaugurated by Lama Ole Nydahl in 2009. more

Jihlava Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Jihlava Diamond Way Buddhist Center was founded in 2005. At that time we did not have our own place to meditate. Since 2010, we have had our own center where everyone from the sangha can go whenever he/she wants… more

Johannesburg Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

The Johannesburg Diamond Way Buddhist Centre was founded in 2012. Lama Ole Nydahl blessed the centre in March 2014. He has sent lay Buddhist teachers to us to give teachings. We meet weekly on Thursday evenings for Buddhist… more