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Buddhist Centers: Germany

Diamond Way Buddhist Center Karlsruhe

The Karlsruhe Diamond Way Buddhist Center belongs to the non-profit organization of Diamond Way Centers in Germany. In 1975 during the first visit of His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Lama Ole Nydahl gave his first german lecture in… more

Dresden Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Dresden Diamond Way Buddhist Center was founded around 1997. Our activities include public meditations twice a week and personal practice. We are regularly visited by Diamond Way Teachers. more

Duesseldorf Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Duesseldorf Diamond Way Buddhist Center was founded by Lama Ole Nydahl. We are constantly growing and our sangha now consists of around 130 joyful practitioners. May our activity due to the blessings of the Lama and the Buddha benefit… more

Erlangen Diamond Way Buddhist Center

Since spring 2000 friends have met and meditated in private flats in the suburbs of Erlangen. A group arose and grew gradually. In 2002, Lama Ole Nydahl gave a public lecture in Heinrich-Lades-Halle in Erlangen and visited the meditation… more

Europe Center Diamond Way Buddhist Center

Welcome home! The Europe Center project maintains the living transmission of Diamond Way Buddhism. The Europe Center is an international meeting place for Diamond Way Buddhists from around the world. Meditations, lectures, courses, meeting and many other events and communications… more

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen Diamond Way Buddhist Centre is one of over 600 Diamond Way Buddhist centres of the Karma Kagyu lineage worldwide. It was started in 1994 with the wish of Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl according to the wishes… more

Gera Diamond Way Buddhist Group

Shortly after the establishment of the Gera Buddhist group in 2006, we were able to move into newly renovated and newly furnished rooms, which are very centrally located only 300 meters from the main train station. Our meditation room… more