Buddhist Center

Novosibirsk Diamond Way Buddhist Center

The Buddhist group in Novosibirsk started in 1992, and in 1997 the Buddhist Centre was officially registered. It operates on the basis of a charter and is a part of the centrally managed religious organization “Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhists of Karma Kagyu Tradition”.

The centre provides the opportunity for the followers to obtain explanations on the philosophy and practices of Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu tradition. Members of the center, practicing Buddhist teachings, and followers can take part in collective meditations as well as to get the explanations on meditations which can be practiced both individually at home and in the centre.

Organisation: Diamond Way Buddhism

Address: Sakko i Vantsetti, 71

Postal Code: 630008

Country: Russia

Phone: +7 (923) 1585631

Email: novosibirsk@buddhism.ru

Homepage: http://www.buddhism.ru/en/centers/novosibirsk/

Facebook: /KagyuNovosibirsk/

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