Center Administration

This page is for students of Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, who administer one or more center profiles on

  • To create a new profile for a Buddhist center, monastery, or nunnery for which Karmapa has spiritual authority, please use the search function on the centers page first to ensure the center isn’t already listed. If it is not listed, click the Create new center button below.
  • To edit an existing center, use the edit access link that was emailed to you. To receive the link to manage and edit your profile again:
    1. Enter the official email address of the center, association, or editor for the center.
    2. Click Choose from centers. The list of centers which that email address has access to is displayed.
    3. Choose the center you wish to edit and click Manage my profile. A link for you to edit and manage your profile will be sent to you.

    After a draft center description is published on, the access links are reset. To get a new access link, follow the same process as above.

Please use these profiles of centers as a model for your own listing:

If your center has an existing profile, but you do not remember the email address associated with it, or for any other technical problems, please contact us.


To create a new profile for a Buddhist center, click the Create new centre button below.