Centre Kagyu-Ardeche

With the blessing of His Holiness Karmapa, the center is run by Djinpa (J.D. Délèze) who has performed the main practices of the Kagyupa lineage during individual and group retreats. He has also participated in 6 retreats of 100 Nyung-Ne in Montchardon and continues the accumulation in his place.

There is a retreat of 100 Nyung-Ne from October to April. It is possible to join the retreat for 1 or more Nyung-nes.
The ritual is performed in French or Tibetan. There is also a 100 Tcheu Tsoklé retreat, from May to August. It is possible to join the retreat for 1 or more days.
It is necessary to have taken refuge and to have started the Preliminary Practices.

Organisation: Other

Address: 4151 route de la vallée des Eygas
Les nonières
Belsentes - France

Postal Code: 07160

Country: France

Phone: +33 7 71 63 72 64

Homepage: https://www.kagyu-ardeche.fr/

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