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Arkhara Diamond Way Buddhist Center

Welcome to the Arkhara Diamond Way Buddhist Center!

The Arkhara Diamond Way Buddhist Centre was founded in 2000 on behalf of Lama Ole Nydahl.
Here you can meet with the teachings and practical methods of the Diamond Way Buddhism. You could take part in joint guide meditation.
Our Center is located in Dorozhny pereulok, 4, near the Khingansky reserve office.
Since 2002 we have courses each year for the preliminary practises in the Khingansky reserve camp, located on the side of Dolgoe lake. This place is famous for lotus flower blossoms.

Organisation: Diamond Way Buddhism

Address: pereulok Dorozhny - 4
Arkhara, Amurskaya oblast'
Russian Federation

Postal Code: 676741

Country: Russia

Phone: +79622948114

Email: arkhara@buddhism.ru

Contact form for center: http://www.buddhism.ru/centers/arhara/#ad-image-0

Homepage: http://arkhara.buddhism.ru

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