Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, introduces a guided meditation. Karmapa begins by describing the proper posture for meditation, with a straight back and a balanced gaze cast slightly downward. In the beginning, he explains, it’s better to close the eyes to reduce distraction while meditating. The tongue should be in contact with the upper palate, and the lips naturally closed. We breathe through the nose, which is better for the lungs. Our hands rest on our knees or in the mudra of “settling the mind in a composed and undivided state”.
Before meditating, we inhale and exhale three times, to clear the lungs.
If the mind is too busy, we force ourselves to calm it, without overdoing it. We bring the mind back, from wherever it has gone. Once the mind is stable, we guard against it becoming dull.
Karmapa recommends counting one’s breath to calm the mind. He then gives detailed instructions on how to perform the guided meditation.
Watch the video to meditate along with Karmapa.