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The historical Buddha, Shakyamuni gave many kinds of teachings. Troughout the centuries, different lines of transmissions came about, one of these is the Karma Kagyu Lineage...

Tibetan Buddhism is structured on the notion of 'transmission', the passing on of teachings and methods from the teacher to the student - who in his turn hands on the teachings to his own students.

This has given rise to a number of 'lineages'; lines of descent of dharma wisdom from one great master to the next. These masters are often 'reincarnate lamas', with alternate 'lineage-holders' holding the transmission during the period from the death of the reincarnate to the coming of age of his next incarnation.

a The roots of the Kagyu School
a The origin of the lineage
a The lineage of the Karmapas
a The 16th Karmapa
a Golden Kagyu Garland
a The historical Background
a Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa
a The Life of Naropa, Tilopa

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